Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watch Out Electric Sharpeners!

Calling all electric sharpeners that can't survive 1 month in a classroom!
It's time to pack your bags and get out of town cause there's a NEW sharpener in town!
It's the amazing, must have Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!

Just look at those beautiful, sharp points!

This sharpener is amazing because it gives you a beautifully sharpened pencil in the end but also because it's QUIET and students can sharpen pencils BY THEMSELVES!
I know that as teachers, we are usually thinking this:
But, with this pencil sharpener, you will finally be able to feel like this again:
The pencil sharpener is very user-friendly for students.
You simply pull out the silver part in the front until it stays in place. Then you squeeze the two black "knobs" together while inserting the pencil. The nifty little prongs on the inside hold the pencil in place. Turn the handle until it automatically stops the pencil, squeeze the knobs and take the pencil out and you're done!
I have my sharpener free standing so it can be moved around the room so I teach the students to hold the sharpener down with their left hand and turn the handle with their right hand. They have no problem doing it and it's very quick! But, don't worry, it does come with a mount in case you want to secure it in one spot!
From the day I unpacked the sharpener, I never heard the words "Mrs. Roberts, can you sharpen my pencil??" again! That's like heaven to a teacher's ears! :)
Overall, this sharpener is compact, super quiet, and kid-friendly. What more could you ask for?
Go ahead and click the button below to pick up one (or a whole pack) for your classroom! You WON'T regret it!

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  1. Here, here! A sharpener that lasts a few years would be great! Not sure if we can get them in Australia, but I will have to look into it!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Yes Alison, totally worth a look! I hope you are able to get one!!!

  2. I've seen 2 posts about this sharpener in one day and plenty last year...I'm sold. Just purchased! Thanks for encouraging my bad spending habit ha!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. Woo!! You'll be so glad you did!!! It's worth the bad spending habit LOL!

  3. These sharpeners are wickedly my students would say. LOL I also love them. Well worth it and nicely priced!