Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea: Brain Breaks!

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I'm here today to share an AMAZING website I recently discovered!
It's called GoNoodle and it's all about BRAIN BREAKS! It's FREE to Sign Up and it's soooo worth it!

Since I have signed up, I have been using this as a motivator for my class and it has WORKED people. For real. No lies here! They are so motivated to follow directions to earn extra Brain Breaks throughout class that it's just awesome! PLUS, we have a TON of FUN doing them together!

So what is GoNoodle you ask? Here's a quick breakdown with some in-class photos for you to check out. 

**I had some awesome videos to share with you also but when I upgraded my phone last night, everything BUT my videos transferred over! :( So bummed about that!**

GoNoodle is free to sign up and get started and you can even set up multiple classes if need be. Since I am departmentalized and teach two classes, I set it up for each class and named it by their Homeroom teacher. 
As you see here:

You then get to choose a CLASS CHAMP! As you progress through levels, the champs get bigger and bigger! The kids get SO excited to see what the champ will look like next after each level!

Here's a couple of examples of Champ Transformations!

Once you have a class champ chosen, you go to your home screen which has your champ, minutes earned, minutes needed for next level, and a random fact/quote/joke from your champ.

Here's an example: 
Then, you simply hit that PLAY button and you are ready to choose a brain break!

Now the great thing about GoNoodle (besides how much the kiddos love it) is that there is such a great variety of Brain Break videos and most educational ones allow you to choose your grade or grade range, making it suitable for all levels K-5!

You will find a wide range of activities from Olympic Sports, Dancing, Sing Alongs, and of course EDUCATIONAL based ones such as Bodyspell where you choose a word list and students must follow along with the screen character to spell out the words.. forming the letters with their bodies! There's also FREEZE IT which allows you to pick Reading (Sight Words), Addition, Subtraction, and more! In that game, students dance when it says DANCE! and then FREEZE and have to read a sight word or solve a math problem.. then back to dancing! 

The more you Brain Break, the more minutes you earn and the faster your Champ grows! Once you max out a Champ, you get to choose a new one and repeat the process! :)

Here's a few of the choices/some class favorites:

If you decide to give it a try, I would LOVE to hear your class favorites! :) 

Want to give it a try? Click on any picture in this post to head to to sign up and start breaking it down with your kiddos! :)

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  1. This is awesome! I'm going to pass it along to my teaching staff!

  2. I have never heard of Go NoOdle, but I'm definitely going to check it out! I think it might be just what my class needs to get through the next few weeks! Thanks for sharing!

    Snips and Snails and Primary Tales

  3. We have been using GoNoodle for a couple of weeks and have all the same favorites as you!! They also love the shake break! The only problem we have is that I Pads don't have a flash player, so I can't use a lot of the clips they have available. I only have a projector, not a Smartboard :( They just added another relaxing video, but I can't play that either. Hopefully next year I can get the school to buy my some type of flash player for my I Pad!

  4. We have been using GoNoodle for a few weeks now in my class and students LOVE it. The deep breathing ties in perfectly with MindUp.

  5. Thanks for the info. Never heard of that concept. Looks interesting. Check us out at Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers when you have a chance.