Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ten Pin Linky: Science & Social Studies & Giveaway Winners!

Ok, I'm late linking up... but I really wanted to participate in this linky!
I am joining Ashley from Just Reed again for her Ten Pin Linky where I share my top 10 favorite pins that relate to a certain topic. This week is Science and Social Studies pins! Woot!

Ok, here goes!
1. My Science Unit
Ok, this unit is near and dear to my heart because I spent HOURS upon HOURS creating it! I LOVE teaching about space which is why I decided to create this unit... my curriculum at school just wasn't enough for me! :)
2. We Will "Rock" You
This pin takes you to an adorable YouTube video of children singing a song all about how each type of rock is made to the tune of "We Will Rock You"! LOVE it!!
3. Human Anatomy
If you are teaching about bones and the body, how adorable is this?? You could even throw it in during community helpers if you're demonstrating things a doctor would do!
4. Presidents' Day
This pin will take you to an awesome blog post full of Presidents' Day resources! My favorite on the post is a link to a free video reading of the awesome book "So You Want to Be President?" Awesome!
5. Magic Potion
This pin takes you to a blog post about making this magic potion! When the ice cubes melt, the drink changes color! Very fun! Could certainly incorporate when you're talking about states of matter!
6. Phases of the Moon
I warned y'all... I love all things space! This is the CUTEST (and tastiest) idea ever for demonstrating the phases of the moon! What an awesome activity!
7. E is for Explore!
This pin takes you to an AWESOME website full of science experiments and resources! It includes the one regarding the picture - mixing Red Bull and milk causing a chemical reaction to help you teach states of matter!
8. Cheerios and States of Matter 
Love the idea of using cheerios to demonstrate states of matter in this way!
9. If I Were President...
Such a cute hallway display! It would also provoke some great writing from the kiddos!
10. Visual Representation
What an AWESOME visual representation to help students realize the differentiation of sizes for different places in the world! I did this in class this year and it was super fun! We read it along with the book "Me on the Map"... love!
Well, there ya have it! My 10 favorite Science/Social Studies pins!
Before I go, it's time to announce the winners from my blog giveaway!
I was so happy that so many people participated that I chose 3 winners instead of just 2!

Congrats ladies! Please email me and let me know which product you would like from my store!
And a huge thanks to everyone who participated!
I will be doing one like this again in the near future! :)

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