Saturday, January 11, 2014

Management Tip+ A Review+ Get a FREE Product!

Hey friends!
Yes, I'm alive! And I'm here to share a quick management tip with you as well as a couple of other things!
I don't know about you, but I have a bazillion computer programs to utilize on a daily basis at school. It's hard to manage those logins and it's even harder for the children to remember them all so this year I have created a simple system to make the kiddos independent in this venture!
I bought this nifty little container and the letter tabs at Walmart and it prolly cost about $5 total. Pretty cheap and so handy!
I then typed student names onto labels and slapped those babies at the top of an index card. I then typed up (you could also handwrite) the various logins for the programs we use (AR, iStation, Computer login, Mobymax, etc.) and put those labels on the front and back of that child's card. Then, the card goes behind the first letter of the child's last name (as pictured above). When they hop on the computer, they simply grab their card out, login, and put their card back where it goes.
It has saved me a ton of trips to the computer to assist! I apologize I didn't show an example of the cards with all of the labels.. I just couldn't cause of all the confidential info. on them!
I hope this is a handy tip you can use in your classroom if you're struggling with managing the computer time! :)
As an alternative, I have also filled a binder with page protectors, placed a name label and login labels on regular white paper and slid it into the page protector and stored the binder at the computers. Students can flip through to their page, login, and close the binder. Same process, different way. Hehe!
Now, for the second part of my post, I wanted to introduce you to something called Jamberry Nail Wraps! They're all the new craze and I finally gave in and ordered some and I LOVE them! I never have time to sit around with a 3-year old and paint my nails and let them dry but these were super quick and easy with NO DRY TIME! Plus, there's over 300 adorable designs to choose from for all occasions! How can you beat that??
Here's a pic I shared on Instagram (@stickynotesandglitter) of my first set and the first time I ever applied them!
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Christi is actually the person who designed my blog and she is the Jamberry consultant who is in charge of my party! She's a wonderful person and I want to support her! :) So, if this seems like something you would like, give it a try! :)
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