Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 Insta Pics of 2014 {Linky}

I decided to link up with Natalie over at Teachery Tidbits for her fun linky!
I LOVE Instagram so I just couldn't resist!

So here are my TOP 10 Insta Pics from this year! I plucked 'em straight from IG so they have original captions and hashtags included, hehe.

I mean really, what teacher DOESN'T love chevron?!?

For this one, I'm guessing a lot of my followers either love Texas or Kahlua, or both! Hahaha. As for me, I love BOTH!

This was SO MUCH FUN. If you've never done anything like this before, I HIGHLY suggest you give it a try! I have ZERO painting experience but I'm super happy with how it turned out!

Self explanatory - Starbucks + Gift Card = Teacher Heaven

BOOK RAFFLES!!! SOOO much fun. I really should do a whole blog post about this! Perhaps later this week. ;)

LOVE that my followers are big comic nerds like me! I LOVE Harley Quinn and I actually plan on getting a Harley Quinn inspired tattoo for my birthday in April! I'm sure I'll end up posting it on IG too! :)

These were a lot o work to get prepped and ready but soooo worth it! I love it and so did the parents!

This is so 100% me. And apparently I'm not alone!

Still loving this job chart and so do my kiddos! It's by Mel D and you can click on the pic if you want to check it out for yourself! I just LOVE the colors!!

AND my NUMBER ONE photo from this year was actually posted today! It already has 109 likes because I teamed up with some of my best blogging buddies and we are giving away one of those adorable personalized pencil signs!!!
{P.S. It's not too late to enter!}

If you aren't following me on Instagram, I really would love for you to! I mostly share personal photos and some teaching tricks/tips and it's almost always different than what I'm sharing here or on my FB page!

You can follow me by clicking here or searching @stickynotesandglitter on IG!

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

All I Want for Christmas... is a TpT Gift Certificate! {Giveaway}

In case you don't already know, TpT has gift certificates available in various amounts and they make a great gift!

(You can click on the pic to purchase one on TpT - Make sure you are logged in or you won't be able to see it)

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts?? TpT Gift Certificates are quick and easy! No wrapping involved! :)

And guess what? Here's your chance to win one!

I'm giving away a $10 TpT Gift Certificate to ONE lucky winner!
Contest will end at midnight on December 23rd and the LUCKY winner will receive their gift card on December 24th!

Enter below and GOOD LUCK!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

But wait! There's many more chances for you to win! Be sure and visit all of these other awesome bloggers who are giving one away also!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide!

Educents Holiday Gift Guide

❄ Happy Holidays! ❄

The Educents team is excited to share their favorite deals and products with you this holiday season. Each staff member chose their favorite deal for the holidays and included it in this handy guide. Check out the deals, including free apps, art & craft supplies, personalized books, LEGO sets, martial arts online and so much more. They have something for everyone!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prove-It! Non-Fiction Edition FREE SAMPLE

Hey friends!

I'm recycling this post of mine because I wanted to let you all know you can try a FREE SAMPLE of this product if you're still on the fence about whether you must have it or not! :)

Click here to try out the sample and check out the rest of this post for an in-depth look at what's included in the pack! 

If you are a fan on my FB Page, then you already know about my brand new product that I'm super excited about! 
Click on any picture in this post to view/purchase this product on TpT!

You may already be an owner of my other Prove It! resource that looks like this: 

Both products focus on the same reading strategy - looking in the text and finding the right there information to answer comprehension questions. That's why it's called Prove It! The students have to systematically prove their answers in the text to support their answers. A strategy that many students struggle with every year! 

How can students be expected to make inferences, compare and contrast, find the main idea and details, identify cause and effect, etc. if they can't comprehend the information that's right in the text in front of them at surface level. The answer is simple, they can't!

So I wanted to give you a first hand look at what's included in my new Non Fiction Edition of my Prove It! pack! 

Here's what's included in the resource:

Here's a real photograph of what the passages look like:

So as you can see, all you need for this pack to implement in your classroom is copies of the passages/questions and each child needs 3 crayons - A red, blue, and purple! 

I actually have a ziploc bag in my room with only these three colors of crayons in it and I just tell the kids who need to borrow crayons to grab the Prove It bag and they know what to grab and what to take out of it! :)

Every passage and set of questions is laid out in the same exact formatting so that students don't have to relearn what's expected each time. To prove answer #1, you always circle the sentence with a red crayon. To prove answer #2, you always underline the sentence with a blue crayon and to prove answer #3, you always box the sentence with a purple crayon!

You can use these in whole group, small group guided reading, centers, homework, enrichment, for early finishers, for remediation, or any other way you see fit! 

I really enjoy using them in small group because once we have gone through and answered/proven the 3 comprehension questions, we go back and look for current and past phonics skills such as words with r-controlled vowels, compound words, vowel teams, etc. and the kids love it! 

As of right now this resource has 15 Non Fiction passages and is $4.00 (the same amount and price as my original version) HOWEVER within the next week, I will be updating the Non Fiction version with 21 additional passages for a total of 36 passages! 

That's enough to do one passage per week the whole school year! Once I update on TpT, I will be raising the price accordingly so you can snag it now for $4.00 and get the update for FREE! 

Lastly, if you would like to pin an image from this post for a chance to win it, just leave your email and pin link in a comment below! I will pick a winner on Saturday. :) 

Thank you for checking my new resource out and if you have any questions, please ask! :)

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Idea: Book Checkouts from Your Classroom Library Made Easy!

I'm back for another monthly edition of the
where teacher-bloggers are bringing you all kinds of great tips and tricks with zero product promotion! 

Today I'm sharing a quick tip that's going to save you a TON of time and headaches!
Want to send home books with some of your students but check out lists and keeping track of who has what got you down? 

I have a super simple solution for you!

Follow these easy steps for a stress-free, hassle-free book checkout system!
There you have it! My secret to a no paperwork checkout system that takes about 5 seconds to check to see who still has a book out! I hope this is a helpful tip for you and you are able to checkout books to students and trust that you can manage the "who took home what" issue with very minimal time spent! :)

If you enjoyed this bright idea, be sure to check out my other bright idea post about an easy way to make sure 100% of papers turned in have a name on them, and consider following me on Facebook and Instagram for even more bright ideas!

Please browse through the link up below for even more bright ideas from more than 100 different bloggers! Simply search for a topic/grade level that interests you! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Trashy Crafter {Giveaway Inside}

Wow y'all!

I am beyond excited to share something and someone new with you today!

I love to shop and my favorite thing to shop for is jewelry! All my fellow jewelry addicts raise your hand! :)

So with that being said, I have to introduce you to Kim aka The Trashy Crafter! She is a fabulous lady who makes jewelry out of recycled books! I know what you're thinking! People can actually do that?!? Oh YES they can and Kim is wonderful at it! She uses books that are damaged and outdated and recycles them into jewelry. I just love, love, love this because it means she is saving books from being tossed and discarded and turning them into something beautiful! 
Kim was actually taught how to make paper beads by her 3rd grade teacher! Kim and her mother work together to hand cut, roll and create beautiful paper book bracelets, earrings, and necklaces! I truly love this because of how unique each piece is!

I just adore the way Kim packages her jewelry! Look how cute and fun!
Ok, I can't wait any longer! Check out the AMAZING bracelet I received from Kim! I'm a HUGE Disney fan so I am in LOVE with the fact that my bracelet set is made from the book Cinderella! 

I love the bright, bold colors and the uniqueness of it! I can't wait to wear it to school and show it off to my co-workers and kiddos! How amazed the students will be to hear about how it's made and how special it is! I've also been skimming her blog and it has some great ideas!

If you're loving this jewelry as much as I am, visit Kim at The Trashy Crafter on Etsy and pick out a set that fits YOU! There's Dr. Seuss sets, Harry Potter sets, sheet music sets, and even sets made out of maps! And guess what? Kim has generously given me a code that you can use this week for 15% off of your order! Simply use code TC2014 at checkout! Woo!

That's not all though! Kim has graciously agreed to giveaway a set of Recycled Book Bead Earrings! I'm so excited! The winner will receive one pair of Recycled Book Bead Earrings {and what book they are made from will be a surprise!}

Enter below for your chance to win! I wish you luck!

You may be wondering after reading through this post if Kim and her mom do CUSTOM orders. The answer is YES and they LOVE doing them! A custom order is truly YOUR story! They can make custom orders from multiple types of things as long as they're paper such as books, maps, sheet music, letters, and children's drawings! You simply send your favorite book or other special paper product to them and they create your set! How AWESOME! If you're interested in a custom order from Kim, email her at

If you know of anyone who might be interested, feel free to share this post or pin any image to Pinterest!

Be sure you check out The Trashy Crafter on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up to date and follow her amazing work!

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