Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mix-Match Flip Books!

Hey guys!
I have a brand new resource hot off the presses!
It's 440 pages and has 6 different versions of all 10 types of books! Great for differentiation! My kiddos did one this week and they loved it! They were super engaged and that's not normal for my group of kiddos this year! ;)
Here's a peek at what they look like. This example is the Short Vowel Flip Book.
Kids will put together their book by cutting it out and stapling. It looks complicated but is really quite easy! Students then flip through the strips to find the pictures that have the matching skill that you're working on. So for this Short Vowel pack, they would find the 2 pictures with short 'a' sounds, 2 pictures with short 'e' sounds, etc. They then label their picture and add a third example of their own! That's the 1st variation but like I said, there's 5 more types! Click on the pictures above to check it out on TpT and check out the preview! It will show you all of the different versions! Plus, full directions for all versions are included in the download along with pictures. Plus, there's a nifty tip in the directions that will help kiddos stay organized with their pages! :)
I plan on expanding this pack in the future too! :)
You can enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win it! :) Good Luck!

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