Thursday, June 13, 2013

Must Have Monday {On Thursday}

Ok, y'all! I know I'm posting left and right within the last couple of hours.. and I'm sorry! Just trying to play "catch up"! :)
This one is short and sweet, but a definite must have!
I am linking up with sweet Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang for her Must Have Mondays linky! Fun, fun!
My MUST HAVE for this week is my iPhone!!! I did SO MUCH on it this weekend/week while my home internet was out! I would have missed out on some fabulous giveaways, blog posts, emails, text messages, phone calls, conversations, pins, TpT updates, ETC. without it!
My hubby constantly tells me I have a technology addiction and I totally agree and I tell him I have no idea what he's talking about! ;)
And now, I will leave you with some iPhone humor. If you are an addict like me, I think you will love them! :)

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