Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Studies Galore!

Hi friends!
This will be a quick post.. I promise!
I am participating in several book studies this summer! Now that my internet is back up and running, I will be able to post on them each week as well as do my HOST chapter!
Here are the book studies, where to find the posts, and at the end, there's a link to buy each book via Amazon so you can follow along and "professionally develop" yourself! :)

Book Study #1
Hosted by these ladies here: 

Book Study #2
Different bloggers will each be writing about a chapter and will all be blogged about via the blog "We Read, We Blog, We Teach"! Head on over and follow that blog to stay updated!

Book Study #3:

This book study will be happening this FALL. It should start sometime in October so you have plenty of time to start reading so you can  join in on the fun! :) More info. to follow on this one!
And before I leave you,
here is your one stop shop to LOAD up on all of these amazing books!
I have included links for each book below! 
Click the book link with the prices shown for the PAPERBACK version!
Click the book link with NO prices shown for the KINDLE version!
Woot! Have fun shopping! :)

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  1. We are reading Teach Like a Champion at the moment! (We are only part way through our school year!)

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. I love Teach Like a Champion. I'm very interested in your book study.