Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RedditGifts Teacher Exchange

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen me share a link about the RedditGifts Teacher Exchange! Well, I was lucky enough to have signed up in time and I am so glad I did!
Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, it's a teacher exchange where you can sign up as a donor or as a teacher who would like to receive a care package. You can upload a wishlist and they will tell you to note that most donors give gifts around $20 in value. Once the exchange sign ups end, you are matched with a donor and that person will ship you your goodies!
Well, I totally hit the jackpot because my donor was AWE to the SOME! I got sooo many goodies! I just had to share with you all! If you missed it this year, definitely do it next year!
An overall shot of all the goodies!

So here's what I got: 7 hardcover books, 3 packs of crayons, 1 paperback book, 1 classpack of markers, 2 packs of bright safari themed pencils and 6 reams of copy paper!
How amazing is that?!? Here's some close-ups!

 And I got a note from the sweet sender:
This note says there's even more goodies on the way, which is hard to believe because I already got so many! But, I would love those too! :)

So hopefully I've convinced you to check this out next year and participate! They are still looking for donors as some teachers haven't been matched up yet! So if you are in the giving spirit, go ahead and sign up and make a teacher's day! And if by some miracle my gifter is reading this post, THANK YOU!!!!!

Click this logo below to check it out! They have a Facebook page too, click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Awesome! I signed up for it last year and received items, but this year there were not enough people that were willing to participate so they said they did not have a match for me. Maybe next year!

    1. So sorry you didn't get a donor this year! I see they are still trying to recruit donors... perhaps it will still happen!!

  2. This is fabulous! You go girl! :c)
    This is the first year I had ever heard of this program and I signed up but was not matched with a donor. Fingers crossed for next year!

    1. Thanks Amanda!

      So sorry you didn't get a match as of yet! Crossing my fingers they recruit some more donors! And definitely try again next year! So worth it! :)