Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wishlist Sale - Day 4 & 5 Items

Alright, 2 days left of the wishlist sale which means 2 more products are getting marked down by 20%!
Day 4 Item - on sale August 3rd ONLY!
My 4th top wishlisted item is my You Better Splat That! Phonics Game!
This game was made to go with CCSS 1.RFS.2 and 1.RFS.3!

This product includes directions for how to play, directions and resources for creating your own Splat! stick, Splat! cards and word cards. I also included a Quick Print Reference page so that you can quickly know what pages to print for the version of cards you want.

The word cards come in 4 different versions:
A. Full color with words and pictures to match
B. Full color with words only
C. Black and White with words and pictures to match
D. Black and White with words only

My hope is that by providing you with multiple versions, you can use what works best for you. You can challenge students by using the word only cards or aide visual learners or readers who struggle by using the cards with words and pictures.

Overall there are 244 pages in this pack! It's usually $4.50 but for today (August 3) it is only $3.60!
Click the picture to check it out on TpT!
 Day 5 Wishlisted Item
My fifth most wishlisted item is my Prove It! Worksheets!
My Prove It! worksheets were designed with CCSS 1.RL.1 specifically in mind! That standard is all about asking and answering questions about key details in a text! They will also work for K.RL.1 and 2.RL.1!

I really wanted to give my students explicit practice with finding RIGHT THERE information from a text.

This file includes 18 different worksheets. Each worksheet has a different short story at the top for students to read. Then they answer 3 comprehension questions. For each comprehension question, they will be asked to mark the sentence that proves their answer is the correct one.

I made it so that they "mark" the text in a different way and color for each question to help you in checking papers quickly.

These papers will help you to see who is struggling with reading, comprehension, and who has trouble backing up their answers! They also work well for increasing fluency!
 This pack will only be on sale August 4th! It is usually $4.00 but it will be on sale for only $3.20!

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