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  1. Thanks for the freebies! Can you explain to me the "I have who has" game? I don't have any instructions and I'm just a mom trying to give her kids some extra learning fun games. Sorry if this is a "duh" game and I'm not getting it. :) Thanks.

    1. Hi Joni!!!

      So sorry for my late response! It didn't alert me to a new comment as it usually does!

      I Have, Who Has? is a game where each child takes a card and reads it, then the person who has the next card reads theirs and so on. So if I say "I have hat, who has cat?" The person with the card that says "I have cat, who has mat?" would go next. If doing it with only a couple of people, simply have each child take multiple cards! It goes on and on until you get to the person who says they have the last card! :) I hope that helps!