Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Stars and a Wish: Start Your Year Right!


I'm excited to be joining some FABULOUS teachers for this fun linky!

The idea is to check out some blog posts where we are sharing Two Stars and a Wish! 

The STARS are great, simple to implement ideas and the WISH is something we want to improve upon for this year! 

My first Star Idea is probably not anything earth shattering that you haven't heard before... but I'm going to say it again because it's THAT IMPORTANT!

Nail down your policies/procedures/expectations BEFORE you meet your kiddos and welcome them into your classroom! This goes for before you meet their parents too! You never know what you might get asked at Meet the Teacher and you want to be prepared for the kiddos and their parents so that they are confident in their teacher for the upcoming year!

Advice my principal gave last year that really made sense was "Think about what really annoys you and gets under your skin and make sure you have a procedure for that"... I was like WOW, that really makes sense. Most likely if your kiddos are annoying you, that's because you didn't teach them a way to deal with whatever the issue is. So there you have it! Start thinking about that stuff and how you want it handled in YOUR classroom so that everyone has a happy year!

One of the BEST resources EVER that I utilize for this is this fabulous freebie by my wonderful friend Tamara over at Mrs. Russell's Room!

Focus on the POSITIVE in your classroom! I had a pretty rough group last year in regards to constant talking, off task behaviors, etc. and I really went home each day feeling horrible because I felt like I had been so negative. Every day I told myself I was going to focus more on the positive and by the end of the year, I had gotten much better at that! 

I created these two resources to use in my classroom to help with just that! When YOU focus on the POSITIVE things in your classroom, so will your students!

Feel free to check these out and give them a try in your room this year!

One thing I wish for this year is that I do a better job of examining Non Fiction passages with my students. It comes easy and natural to me as a teacher to jump into fictional passages and find right there information because that's what the basal (that I have to use) focuses mostly on. The times it does have non fiction passages, they are super lengthy and often too difficult for many of my learners who come to me below grade level. 

I created a resource to make me more accountable for that this year! Students HAVE to be able to find the right there information in all genres! My wish is that, by using these high interest passages, they will enjoy the process and therefore internalize the oh-so-necessary skill of proving their answers with text based evidence!

You can click the pic to check it out in more detail if you would like.

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And don't worry, the fun doesn't stop now! Check out all of the other wonderful teacher-bloggers who are linked up below and get some more fabulous ideas/tips!

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  1. First of all, I love your blog name!!!!! I'm right with you on the positivity thing. I've had tough groups the past few years, and the negativity just doesn't help anyone. I think it makes me more tired and run down! I've used punch cards for positive behavior in the past, but I like your bingo idea. I might need to make a change this year :)

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  2. Couldn't agree more with making sure routines, procedures, and expectations are a top priority!!! I'm looking forward to reading about the product you mentioned! It looks fantastic!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

  3. I really liked your Star Idea #2. Staying focused on the positive!

    Mr Elementary Math Blog

  4. Loved your idea of if there is a behaviour that annoys you, have a procedure for it - I had to make note of your quote - so often its not the big ones that get you but the little ones - for me its the calling out when you say raise your hand (removing others thinking time) and when you are talking to another child and another stands there poking you going miss, miss....I'm finished! Something to go away and think about for me now :)

    The Almost Their Height Teacher

  5. I love the freebie! I totally agree, focus on the positive! Sometimes it's not easy!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  6. I love the photos and the format you use on your "Prove It" Nonfiction unit. But, I am a fourth grade teacher and it would be awesome if you could possible modify your unit for 3rd thru 5th grade. I would be so excited about using your resource in my classroom. Thanks so very much for the freebies.